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Have A Heart, Give Some Love

Warm the hearts of more than 150 rescues

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February is a special time for love and what better way to show love than helping dogs who are waiting for their forever homes. As we celebrate our 2nd Annual Have a Heart campaign during the entire month of February, make a gift of love for the pups at Straydog!

Adoption fees alone do not cover the routine care, nourishment nor medical expenses and our sweet souls with extra special needs result in an even greater strain on our limited resources. Your "Gift of Love" enables us to continue saving more and more animals who enter our doors in search of a new loving home.

Each gift impacts the life of every single precious soul in our care! Choose to give to one of two funds:

  • Annual Fund - Provides everyday care, playtime, food and love to all of our residents.
  • Medical Fund - Supports important vaccines, spay/neuter and emergency care for injured rescues.
  • Food Fund - Nourishes our pups with twice a day feeds, special dietary needs and treats.

OUR MISSION: To rescue and rehabilitate homeless and abandoned dogs in a no-kill environment until each is adopted into a caring, loving home; and to act as a sanctuary for those dogs who are never adopted.