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Join the Squad - Support the Pups EVERY Month!

Your monthly gift fulfills a basic need for a pup each and every month!

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Straydog Squad - Monthly Giving Program

Your support provides our rescues with a second chance! Membership in the Straydog Squad ensures your commitment to the daily needs of one of our residents and also allows the organization to plan for the future. EACH gift impacts the life of a precious soul in our care!

Direct your monthly gift to one of these funds:

  • Annual Fund - Provides everyday care, playtime, food and love to all of our residents.
  • Medical Fund - Supports important vaccines, medications, spay/neuter and emergency care for injured rescues.
  • Food Fund - Nourishes our pups with two healthy meals a day along with a fair share treats to reinforce positive behavior.

OUR MISSION: To rescue and rehabilitate homes and abandoned dogs in a no-kill environment until each is adopted into a caring, loving home; and to act as a sanctuary for those dogs who are never adopted.