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A Bette Life: Capital Campaign

$2,254,140 raised

$2,505,986 goal


Since accepting its first pup, Straydog has been committed to fulfilling its mission of providing second chances to homeless dogs. As we celebrate 25 years in the rescue community, it reminds us that there is still much work to be done. While we celebrate our accomplishments, we are also looking to the future. To achieve our goal of deepening our impact, we took a critical look at current programming and services.To grow in a healthy and sustainable manner Straydog’s Board of Directors, with input from staff leadership, developed a 10-year master plan for its campus. The plan includes new facilities that would ensure all our rescue dogs have ample indoor and outdoor space, improved park spaces, and more efficient support facilities.

Phase I of Straydog's Master Site Plan includes the construction of two perpenduclarly oriented buildings that will house 80 Straydog rescues in indoor/outdoor luxury suites and the renovation of its existing buildingsinto a commercial food preparation kitchen, laundry facility, and an adoption preparation lodge.Construction set to begin in early 2023.

Each luxury suite will include:

  • Indoor / outdoor living space
  • Temperature controlled indoor space
  • Indoor bedding
  • Shaded concrete landing pad
  • Soft sand outdoor space - sand is ideal for doggy messes and maintenance
  • Permeable outdoor enclosure material

Care will continue to include:

  • Daily visits to one of Straydog's three park spaces
  • Human and dog socialization
  • Personalized affection from our caregiving team